Echoes LARP

Bows, Crossbows, and Certification

We allow the use of real bows and arrows in combat. However, due to the limitations of these items, as well as an increased safety risk if they are used improperly, we require every player that uses a bow to undergo a mandatory safety training once a year. Further, there are some restrictions to the actual dimensions and pull of the weapons. These restrictions are for the safety of everyone involved, and will not be negotiated.

Bows: NO STRONGER than 30lbs

Crossbows: NO STRONGER than 25lbs. No NERF weapons allowed.

If you are unsure as to the pull of your weapon, and can not prove that it is within these requirements, we will not be able to approve it for use.

Additionally, a bow must be shot at a MINIMUM distance of 15 feet from the target. If a target is running and makes it within 15 feet before the shot is fired, then that is a disadvantage of the bow, and you should probably have a friend with a shield.

Finally, we ask that you do not blind fire, shoot directly into doorways, or aim at the face of any players. We know these are solid tactics for a real bow warrior, but the monsters aren’t really monsters and don’t deserve to catch an arrow in the face. Knees are still valid targets.

Arrows and Bolts

Arrows and bolts must be approved individually before each game by a plot member. We are very strict on the upkeep and safety of these weapons, so if there is any question whether or not they will pass, it’s safe to assume they wont. Please make sure your arrows or bolts are safe before arriving!

Here are some arrows that, if well maintained, are almost guaranteed to pass.

This brand is also generally acceptable, however, we may ask that you duct tape the head to the shaft to prevent accidents.