Like any LARP, we always need more NPCs! (Non Player Characters). As such, if you bring a person with you to NPC for a full event, you do not have to take a monster shift. If you are a legacy player or would otherwise be required to take two shifts, please note that each guest only ‘removes’ one shift – to avoid both, you would need to bring two people.

NPCs always eat for free during a full-length game, but they will need to bring their own black clothes to wear, as well as bedding/toiletries/etc. Please work with your guest NPC to make sure they are prepared for the whole weekend!

There are a few requirements for your guest NPC to qualify for this program:

  1. Some Fantasy/Roleplay experience – Due to the amount of interactions required for an NPC, we ask that guest NPCs are at least passingly familiar with fantasy games, roleplaying, and the general culture. We don’t need a Tolkein scholar, but they should at least understand the difference between an Orc and an Elf.
  2. Combat Ready – While we do have non-combat roles for NPCs to play, we ask that any volunteers be willing to participate in some combat. Most players who are apprehensive about combat later find it an exhilarating and fun part of the game, so don’t be shy!
  3. They must last the whole game – In order for a Guest NPC to qualify as such, we ask that they stay roughly 90% of the game. We understand that circumstances and emergencies may arise and would be glad to address those as they come up, but please tell your guest to plan on staying through the entire event. If your guest leaves very early, you may be asked to fulfill your monster shift requirements at a later time that event.
  4. Familiar with our rules – We don’t ask that your guest NPC knows every spell and tagline, but the unfortunate reality is that we don’t have the time or resources available to educate someone from the ground up while running a game. Guest NPCs should at least understand the basics of the game, and they’ll have a lot more fun if they do!