Starlight Reaches

At the center of a vast orbit of celestial bodies known as the Starlight Reaches, three planets of glittering stardust drift in tandem amidst an ever-shifting swirl of fathomless color. Upon their horizons, six moons and six suns rise and set in an endless dance of night and day. The three planets are known as Stella, Cosma, and Astra; Tears that provide sanctuary to the stellar beings called Zorans. These stardust mortals bear glowing silver or gold markings upon their skin depending on whether they were born under the blazing suns or the serene moons. Zorans fly between and within the Starlight Reaches with barely a thought, zipping from place to place, leaving trails of stardust in their wake.

Just outside the sanctuary of the Starlight Reaches lies the heart of the Void, an endless expanse of nothingness that consumes anything it can find. It is only with the protection of the Celestines, the six suns and six moons, that Stella, Cosma, and Astra remain safe outside its grasp. It is unfortunately commonplace for the creatures of the Void to find their way into the Zoran cities, causing plagues and unleashing violent mayhem to terrorize the people. In response to this threat, the Zorans quickly became adept at healing the wounds of their kin and curing numerous maladies.

Each Zoran in their own way stands brightly against the darkness. To help them preserve their illumination and fight back against the encroaching Void, the Twelve Celestines blessed the Zorans with the gift of resurgence, bound into their flesh by their gold and silver markings. These radiant markings give them accelerated healing to recover from the vicious wounds and viral afflictions at an increased pace. However, this is not the only aid Zorans receive from the Celestines. Learning the Dance of the Heavens, a magi may call upon the magical might of the suns and moons to shield their allies or overwhelm their enemies. The Zorans honor the aid from the Celestines and some have developed a style of combat that is reminiscent of the Twelve. These fighters, known as Cosmic Duelists, may pick up a unique fencing stance to defend their homes. With such blessings, Zorans help defend their world against that which would see it returned to endless nothingness.

Since the early days, Zorans have looked out at the wondrous cosmic array around them and sought to add to its majesty. Artisan guilds of every craft hone their skills and display their vast creations across all manners of society, seeking to mirror even the tiniest fraction of the beauty of the Starlight Reaches. It is in spite of the Void and its destructive nature that the skilled craftsmen spend their time creating.  Many resources are used rebuilding the damage caused by the Void’s endless destruction. As such, repairs are made more elaborate, and the act is considered a direct defiance against the nature of the Void itself.

To combat the onslaught of plague outbreaks and hordes of monsters, the Zorans formed the Celestial Order to defend against the encroaching darkness and protect the Starlight Reaches. Once they come of age, Zorans may join its ranks, taking an oath to defend the light of this world and stand fast against the Void and its Abyssals. The Order represents the beating heart of the Zorans and the restoring hand to the Starlight Reaches. For as long as their light illuminates the sky, they shall stand as a sentinel against the Void.

Magic School

Dance of the Heavens

Makeup Requirement

Players portraying a Zoran must wear makeup in the form of geometric patterns on their faces and exposed skin. Sun and moon motifs are appropriate in addition to these patterns, but not in place of them. Art deco patterns are a great resource for inspiration.


The barrage of physical attacks and plagues from the Void in the early days of the Zorans led to quick development of advanced medical techniques. They may purchase the first level of Healing for 5 CP. Additionally, they are encouraged from a young age to pursue any interests they may have and share them with others, no matter how niche. This has led to a barter-based economy full of skilled Zorans peddling goods and services to suit any whim or fancy. Because of this they may purchase the first level of Craft for 5 CP. They may also purchase the first level of Dance of the Heavens for 10 CP.

Additionally, the Zorans’ starlight-infused blood makes them quick to heal. As such, all Zorans gain one level of enhanced healing permanently. All other enhanced healing effects stack with this benefit as usual.