Before submitting your question, PLEASE read the following questions to see if it applies. Questions that are answered below will likely be ignored. We sincerely appreciate you double checking your question for clarity and coherence, anything we can’t comprehend or read will likely be ignored.

Also, please remember this game is run by volunteers who give up an incredible amount of time to ensure that you, the player, has fun.

The average response time for a question is 48 hours, however, this time is increased the closer to a game you get. Once again, every person behind the curtain is a volunteer and also has their own life to take care of, so please be patient and understanding.

Are you a new player looking for help?

Feel free to reach out to us! We also highly recommend you post on the Discord as well, as we have a very strong community who are glad to answer any new questions.

Does your question ask for in-game knowledge?

If you are trying to ask for information relating to a topic in game (What would it take to talk to the King of the Underneath? Who leads the Darkling Stalkers? Do I know anything about the magic rituals of the Shyish?), please save it for an investigation, or ask other players on the Discord. We will NEVER give out in-game information through this form; any requests for such are automatically ignored.

Is your question a rules question?

Please visit the Discord and ask there. Chances are, the question has been asked before, and someone might already have the answer you need! This also helps make sure we don’t answer the same questions over and over.

Is your question about your character sheet?

Please leave a note on the sheet itself. When you leave a note on your character sheet, every plot member receives an alert, so they will be addressed as soon as we get to them.

Are you just wanting to tell us how great we are?

You might be surprised how much wading through complaints and concerns can sap the morale of even the most dedicated plot member. Feel free to send us a hug sometimes too!