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Dominions of Sacred Strife

In an age of abundance, the Dominions of Sacred Strife understand that peace is a slow poison, leading humanity into a bitter stagnation. This world exists in a perpetual state of conflict known colloquially as “The Grand Game.” Every citizen of the Dominions is taught that we are godhood bound in flesh and it is through strife that we might transcend our limits and embrace our personal divinity. This conflict is often embodied as glorious combat though has evolved into various other forms such as a battle of spies or a race to perfect a new kind of innovation. Everyone has the ability to find their place in the conflict even if it does not involve physical combat. To be a master in swaying the hearts and minds of Citizens with mere words is just as worthy a path as the path of one who is peerless on the field of battle. Furthermore, this conflict is always punctuated, of course, by holiday ceasefires so that individuals might enjoy the holidays together. After all, the path to transcendence need not be stained by the ichor of incivility.



The world of the Dominions is a flat disc with a single massive continent amidst an ocean that perpetually flows over the edges but never runs dry. The continent itself is split up into five Dominions with four large Dominions encompassing a smaller central one. Each Dominion’s land is separate and distinct in its environment, and borders are drawn by these natural occurrences. Where one Dominion might have an arid desert environment, another might be made up of humid wetlands. Additionally, citizens of the Dominions live together in cities built to adapt to the environment of the Dominion it’s in.



Citizens of the Dominions value clothing that maintains some practicality and allows for movement. The aesthetic is reminiscent of American wartime fashion in the 1930s and 1940s. Not everyone is just running around in a uniform. Fashion is tailored to the waist for everyone, every garment has at least one set of pockets. Pants are either to the ankles or piped. Neutrals, olives, burgundies, and navies are the most common colorations, but bold colors are seen amongst the more fashion forward.

Magic School


Makeup Requirements



5 off 1st level of Diplomacy

5 off 1st level of Mercantile

5 off 1st level of The Ways of Righteous Conflict