A retirement is the point at which a player, through whatever means and events, will no longer play that character. Past retirements have included brave sacrifices and ascensions into untold power, but they can also include quiet retreats to the shadows, attainment of leadership, or simply moving to a new region. The important thing is that each retirement is a fun, satisfying conclusion to the story you’ve told with your character. As an added bonus, retiring a character (whether off screen or during an event) will allow you to transfer up to 10% of their CP to a new or alternate character, at a maximum of 30 CP.

Echoes staff will work diligently to make sure each retirement is exciting, fulfilling, and overall impactful to the world around it. You’ve spent years living as your character, so you deserve for the final act to be just as powerful. As such, we ask that you let us know at least three games in advance before you wish to retire, so that we have time to plan something truly meaningful. When informing staff of your decision, please be sure to mention any retirement ideas you might have. However, we want to stress that these should be flexible, and the more specific an idea, the less likely it will be able to fit into the overall story. For example:

Bad Retirement: “I want to kill my nemesis, Dr Avacado, in a one-on-one duel and take over his kingdom, but only after attaining the Amulet of Quoz that is hidden in the deepest dungeon. Once king, I will issue an immediate decree that all Fruitlings are to be killed on sight.”

Good Retirement: “I would like to either kill or usurp Dr Avacado, possibly by using the Amulet of Quoz if it can be reached.”

The more breathing room an idea has, the more likely that you’ll be surprised as well! As an added note, if your goal is something that your character has no connection to, or has not worked towards, it’s far less likely that will be the path you can reach. Retirements are not magic bullets to be aimed at any problem, but a logical and natural conclusion to a character’s time in the Echolands.

Also worth noting: the ideas you suggest will rarely ever be the only ones presented to you, as part of the fun is seeing what comes your way. We ask that our players trust us to give them a good ending no matter what, and to understand that our goal is not to trick or coerce them into a retirement that leaves them, as a player, feeling unhappy.

Legacy Players

W will never force you to retire a character. However, this could present an issue to the balance of the game for those that do chose to retire and start a new character, as a character that has been around for years will undoubtedly have much more power, abilities, and connections. To counteract this power creep, we have a Legacy system.

Every character, upon reaching 400 CP, is considered Legacy. Legacy characters have some additional restrictions above non-Legacy characters.

  • 400 CP is a hard ceiling, even if your last pre-legacy game would put you above it.
  • Each Legacy character must sign up for 2 non-consecutive monster or tavern shifts per game.
  • Legacy characters earn 1 CP per game, versus the usual 10. They may still buy or earn additional CP through other means. For extended events, they simply earn 2 CP.
Multiple Characters

Many times, a player would like to alternate characters, such as having one for summer games, only one-day events, etc. Each player may have up to two characters ‘on the books’ at Echoes. These characters are commonly referred to as ‘Alts’.

A few rules apply to Alt characters:

  • A player will only receive CP and downtimes for the character they played at that event.
  • If an Alt character is also a Legacy character, when that character is played, the player will be asked to follow the Legacy rules detailed above when playing that character.
  • If you have an Alt character, please be sure to let us know which character you will be playing when you pay for the game. For subscribers, season pass holders, and players who will pay on site, please submit to the Staff Contact Form which character you will be playing.

Additionally, a few restrictions apply to Alt characters and retirements.

  • You may retire a character and apply the retirement CP to an Alt that exists already, instead of for a brand new character. However, this can only be done ONCE per character.
  • In order to be eligible for retirement CP, a player must have played their retiring character for at least one full event. If they have not, the character can be deleted from the books, but no CP transfer will take place.