Echoes LARP

Brightscale Spires

“Let the Great Spires serve as your inspiration; for though the Foreldar yet slumber in death, their claws shall forever reach for the heavens.”
-Book of Talons, Prologue

Atop a verdant, flowering planet sits a beautiful sprawling city of technomantic wonders that glitters in the sunlight. Within its confines, great towers of scale and bone reach towards the heavens at the center of a massive city known as the Brightscale Spires. Guarded by four concentric walls, eight gates, elaborate canals, and advanced weaponry, these structures were designed and built by the inhabitants of the city, the Ormyr. The inheritors of draconic legacy and nature, the Ormyr’s form incorporates the features of the dragons of old within a humanoid form. Their society, however, strives to grow beyond such “bestial ferocity” and embrace a more civilized way of living powered by the wonders of technomancy, which will undoubtedly advance beyond the paltry need for harnessing spiritual power to fuel it.

The city is divided both physically and socially by its four walls built to protect themselves from the constant invasions of the Eithsvar. The wealthiest Ormyr enjoy the most protections, while the lower classes live hard lives to maintain their safety. Anything can be bought or sold, even status, and most transactions occur in the markets of the Gold Ring.

Technology has advanced at a steady pace. A complex network of railways, canals, plumbing, and tunnels are maintained by the Engineers. Technomantic lights and gadgets can be found everywhere in Brightscale. New advancements with Pale Agate and Kjarna (Kyar-nuh) have created an exponential leap in energy sources. With this technology, the Council of Six can keep its citizens safe and comfortable.

The stories of dragons are not forgotten, and live on in the teachings of the Mourners of the Foreldrar. Devoted to the cause and the old ways, they practice and teach their magic, the Eulogies of Dying Fire. The days of the Mourners’ influence are long past, and even the power of the Foreldrar gifts have started to wane. They are socially outcast and are granted residence just outside the city walls.

Not much is known about what lies outside in the Outer Wilds, as nearly all Ormyr reside within its protective walls. Only the Safnari and an occasional Mourner seeking enlightenment dare venture forth, as anyone unskilled and unwary will not return. What is known is mostly what you can glimpse from the top of the Copper Ring, and who knows how beautiful and deadly that might be?


The Platinum and Gold Rings sport Aetherpunk refined and tailored clothing from the factories, and the richest merchants splurge further on custom garments. Bright colored clothing adorned with patterns, stripes, trims, and embroidery are accented with even more fabulous accessories: hats, ties, pins, gloves, cufflinks, jewelry, walking sticks, and hair combs. Garments are post industrial age clothing: functional, fitted, and fashionable. Players may reference Eduardian to turn-of-the-century western fashion where bustles are no longer worn. Though technology is present, glowing (LED, etc) clothing is not. Engineers might favor more brass accents in their buttons and accessories.

The Silver and Copper Rings are unable to afford the brightly colored dyes or time to tailor clothing. Aetherpunk or simple Ewardian garments are made of drab earthen and natural tones, using naturally woven canvas and linen fabrics. Industry workers will have their factory uniforms (mechanics, nurses, assembly liners, etc) and plainclothes. It would also be common to see work belts, hats, gloves, or vests with many pockets. Safnari that leave cities to scavenge Kjarna will don simple scouting garb, armor, and leathers in natural colors. Mourners are often seen in simple long tunics or cloaks of gray with the barest of necessities.

Magic School

The Eulogies of Dying Fire

Makeup Requirements

Ormyr come in a variety of different colors, both metallic and non. Players are required to show some amount of scale patterning on their jaw, forehead, or cheeks, and any exposed skin. The size of the scales is not particularly important, and the color variation is limited to monochromatic. “Rainbow” scale patterns do not exist. Players can opt to have a lighter hue of their color on their underbelly or a darker hue on their horns, but this is not required.

In addition to the scales, players are also required to wear at least one of the following: dragon horns or dragon wings. Antlers are not horns. The wings must match the scale color of the makeup and must be large enough of a “wingspan” to span past your shoulders. Wings must be durable enough to not fall off in combat, nor harm weapons or players. Reptilian contacts can be worn but will not fulfill the makeup requirement.


Players from the Brightscale Spires have a 5 CP discount on purchasing the first level of the following skills:

Mercantile – Currency takes on many forms and there are many parts to play within the supply chains that built up around the Spires.

Tinkering – Ingenuity and the wonders of science have led the Ormyr to great technological advancements.

The Eulogies of Dying Fire – All characters have a reduced cost for their world’s magic, bringing the cost to 10.

Additional Vitality – As a final benefit, Ormyr have hardened scales that offer them a limited degree of protection. All Ormyr get +1 to their innate Vitality (please note, this is NOT a level of the Tough Trait).