The Archive of Forbidden Knowledge

The Archive of Forbidden Knowledge is a single edifice that spans the width and breadth of several large cities. It is lavishly decorated with a seemingly endless number of labyrinthine passages, glass ceiling courtyards, and well appointed studies. Outside the Archive a ceaseless storm rages with no end in sight. There are rumors that this place once had a sun, but no one alive has ever seen it and with each passing day of oppressive rains and bellowing thunder it seems less and less likely. 

Within the halls of the Archive a rigid caste structure governs the collection and distribution of knowledge. Social status is assigned at birth through the process of divinations administered by the highest caste. At the bottom of the social ladder are the working class, made up of Attendants, Scribes, and Couriers. They handle the day to day operations of the Archive and assist whenever a member of the higher classes requires them. The middle class are known as the Academics. Their roles are to collect, catalog, and analyze all new texts that are brought into the Archive via the Hollows (a sprawling network of tunnels underneath the Archive). Among their ranks are the Delvers, Catalogers, and Readers. At the top tier of society is the Order of Wisdom. Their purpose is to interpret, assess, and curate the works that the lowest class are allowed to read. Among their ranks are the Interpreters, Sages, and Curators. Once a piece of knowledge is passed through a Curator it is either distributed back to the public if it is deemed appropriate, or sent to the Library of the Director if it is deemed dangerous. The distinction remains a mystery to the lower classes, but the Director always has the final say. No one has met the Director, but his edicts are distributed via magic to his Curators.

This structure may seem strict, but it is important to the survival of the world. Texts found within the Hollows can be incredibly dangerous and mind altering. Curses are commonplace within the documents and the Curators are tasked with making sure none of those maladies are rewritten and distributed to the masses. Occasionally some of these forbidden words sneak through, and corrupt the minds of the working class leading them to episodes of violence. It is the duty of Attendants to capture and submit these malcontents for re-education with the Order of Wisdom.

Magic School

Doctrines of Exalted Order


Despite minor hiccups in procedure, the Archive as a whole is very stable and safe. All classes are given time to relax and pursue their own projects. It is encouraged for the working class to be educated, and even intellectually curious for the health of the Archive. Because of this, denizens of the Archive of Forbidden Knowledge may purchase the first level of Scholarship for 5 CP. Also, because of the labyrinthine passages and dangers of the Hollows, Archivists may purchase the first level Survival for 5 CP. Finally, they can purchase the first level of the Doctrines of Exalted Order for 10 CP.