Everbloom Thicket

“Sing a song of secrets, of Beasties and the like,
Of whispers on the wind, where Wicked Wasps may strike,
Where leaves are always falling, and flowers full in bloom,
And Leshies dancing merrily to chase away the gloom.”

There is a land where a great forest spans wild and vast and it is known as the Everbloom Thicket. At the heart of this verdant forest is a towering tree with bark of white and leaves of gold, standing as a giant amongst giants. Every landscape from the forest floor to the boughs of trees above are covered in vines, leaves, moss, and blooming flowers of every color year round. Standing only fifteen to twenty apples tall, the people of the forest are children of the ancient tree, known as Leshies. With leaf kissed skin and ears long and pointed, Leshies keep gardens and tell stories all while tending to Wise Beryozka (Behr-YOHZH-Kah) and the balance of nature.

Days in the Thicket are happy and dreamlike – warm sunlight filters down through the leaves, hundreds of flower varieties dance in the breeze, and friendly Beasties of leaf and root wander the land. Leshies are fond of singing, dancing, and afternoon brunches with their favorite sweetcakes. Stories abound with adventurous tales of escaping the Wicked Wasps or finding the first seasonal Prism Berry.  Annual festivals bring even more excitement to the Leshies, such as the Midsummer Ivy Ball, when Wise Beryozka acts as a maypole for its children while they twirl and dance around it.  

One of the foremost interests of the Leshies is tending to the forest around them and maintaining the balance of nature to the benefit of all, from the smallest Critter to the tallest oak. They are kept busy maintaining their pathways and the floral gardencraft of many a Leshy can be seen dotting the roots of Wise Beryozka. The Leshies are skilled craftsmen who create both beauty and function from all they find around them, tending bountiful gardens of strange hybrid fruits, brewing potions of fancy and wonder, and creating exquisite works of art. 

Stories tell of gentle whispers of a wisdom long ago that can be heard on the wind. To the Leshy that hears this calling, they may find their way to the base of Wise Beryozka, on which is inscribed the ancient musings of the Willow Witch. Other times, a Leshy might receive a warning of danger nearby such as that of a Spinner Spider’s approach.

Though happy with each other’s company, the Leshies are not alone in the Thicket. In addition to its abundance of flora and fauna, the forest is home to other creatures, such as the perpetually busy Hivefolk, mischievous Branch Gnomes, and enigmatic Sporcerers.  And though the Thicket may be a paradise for the Leshies, it’s said that there are parts of the Thicket that resist the nurturing magics and preserve the terrible time from before Wise Beryozka sprouted. There are whispers of beings that roam these areas that are no friend of the Leshies. Known as the Woodsmen, Leshies tell stories to each other about the eerie anomalies that surround them, though no Leshy has seen one for themselves and returned to tell the tale.

Magic School

Wisdoms of the Willow Witch

Makeup Requirements

As the children of Wise Beryozka, Leshies bear its likeness. Players portraying a Leshy must wear makeup in the design of green leaves on their faces and exposed skin and prosthetic “elf” ears.  They can also elect to wear other verdant physical features of their namesake including leaves, flowers, and bioluminescence.  While it is encouraged to have your features change to follow the seasons, it is not required.


Leshies have a 5 CP discount on purchasing the first level of the following skills:

Craft: The abundance of materials furnished by Wise Beryozka and the beauty of nature have provided the perfect foundation for Leshies to develop their crafting skills. The bounty of the Thicket gives Leshies everything they need to become master craftsmen of all persuasions.  

Performance: Whether they whisper stories of the forbidden places, dance spirited jigs under the boughs of Wise Beryozka, or sing songs of the Sporcerers’ secret quests, Leshies are gifted entertainers. 

Whispers of the Willow Witch Magic: All Leshies may purchase the first level of their Magic School for 10 CP. 

Finally, Wise Beryozka gave each Leshy the gift of sprouting. If a Leshy is to fall critical and their soul passes, they instead find themselves awakening wherever they had cast their seeds that day without memory of how they ended up there, usually near the roots of trees or in flowerbeds.

Player’s Note: if you die in the Echolands, you must still seek out a plot member and resolve it as other players would (FOIP). However, once that happens, you should find an appropriate place to come back, such as a stand of trees or a tuft of long grass. Otherwise, to come back fully, you must say “I Appear” in a loud and clear tone, and then simply come into play. Leshies will forget the last 15 minutes of events before they died, though they will remember the spiritual happenings of their death themselves.